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importing MOC into GMT with grdraster

Hi. Has anyone successfully imported MOC images into GMT using grdraster? I have been working on this for over a week, and I (as well as several others helping me) have had no luck. Some issues:

1. Should the MOC images, processed with ISIS, be map projected or not? Altered with mocaspect?

2. What files are acceptable as input to grdraster? I found online that .bmp, .gif, .jpeg, .jpg, .tif, and .wbmp are raster images. I am only able to get my files into .tif, .raw, or .bmp files (ISIS2 dform and ISIS3 isis2std aren't working properly on the machines I use). I have not managed to get any of these data types into GMT (problems with -I (increment) and/or data type definitions in file).

point photoclinometry / stereo images

Hi. I am looking into doing point photoclinometry for certain regions of Mars. I know how to process MOC images with ISIS, but does anyone know how to get the raw DN values of each pixel? Also, has anyone used SOCET SET to make stereo images?

how to find MOC images on the PDS?

I want to find a specific MOC image on the PDS I do a "Data Search", select Instrument "Mars Oribiter Camera", click "Go!", and get two results. But where do I go from there?

qview measure

I am using ISIS2 and qview to look at processed MOC cubes. When I try to use the qview measure tool, one end of the measuring line is always trapped in the upper left hand corner. Has anyone else experienced this and/or found a way to fix this?

MGS data tools

Not quite sure where to start with data from the Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft? This article contains links to the raw data, and also links to the various software tools that members of the community have created to analyze the data itself.

MOC images vs press releases

How do I get science-quality MOC images from a press release image I like? For example, I want to use this press release image:

The numbering systems seem totally different though, so I don't know how to find that image in the data at:

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