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At LPSC, I was introduced to This site seems to have the sames goals as, but for the more narrow planetary GIS community. Although the ISIS Support Center's Planetary GIS Discussions section actually does a rather robust job of this already, and certainly sees more traffic. It seems like a secondary goal of is to facilitate the landing site selection process for ESA's ExoMars, so perhaps once that process starts ramping up, this resource will only get better.

Using Google Earth as a Mars Browser

Although there are many issues with putting Mars data into Google Earth, most notably the fact that the best we can currently do is wrap the Earth's sphere in Mars basemaps. However, we can make Google Earth a remarkable tool for locating Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) data by being a little clever.

The steps below outline how to configure Google Earth with Martian basemaps, and then how to plot data from the MRO mission.

MGS data tools

Not quite sure where to start with data from the Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft? This article contains links to the raw data, and also links to the various software tools that members of the community have created to analyze the data itself.

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